Play Pacman Clone Online

Framework: Unity 4.6
Language: C#
Play Online: Play Pacman



This is a Pacman clone I built with Unity 4.6, based on the classic arcade game “Pacman”. This is the second project I worked on to learn more about Unity, and increase my development skills in it.

All of the Sprites are my Pixel drawings, including the level itself, but almost all of the sounds and music are imported. Some of the sounds game from, and some of them I got from YouTube.

This may not be the final form, since I may consider polishing it or even perfect it in the future. There are even some feature I did not add in the game because it may require extra time for me to work on. For example, although I put all of the fruit points in the game, I did not put all of the Sprites of all of the different fruits. Instead I just used the Cherry.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you cannot play this game on Google Chrome, since Unity for whatever reason does not allow Web Players to be played on Google Chrome. So, try using Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Have Fun!