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What I Learned from Building a Pacman Clone

Hey everyone. I apologize for taking so long to write a new post on this site. I was busy applying for graduate colleges, working on a new Unity project, dealing with issues at work, playing video games that I have missed out on for months,

My Unity Pacman Clone is Complete

Framework: Unity 4.6 Language: C# Source Code: PacmanCloneSourceCode Desktop Application: PacmanEXEFile Online Demo: Play Now Hey everyone. This is Sam here. I finally completed building my Unity Pacman Clone. It took me a few months in my free time to draw all the sprites, program

Building Tetris with Unity

Framework: Unity 4.6 Language: C# Source Code: Tetris.rar Demo: Play Tetris Introduction This is actually one of the first projects I have ever built from scratch in Unity. I wanted to apply everything I have learned about programming in Unity and put them to the