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My First Pixel Art Animated Video

Hey everyone! Sam here. I would like to announce that I finally uploaded a video on YouTube using pixel art animation titled “Men’s Body Spray: Marketing Vs. Reality”. In this video, I made a funny sketch about what happens when an ugly smelly guy uses

Quick Ops is Finally on the iOS App Store

Hello everyone. This is Sam here. Well, I would like to officially announce that I have finally released Quick Ops onto Apple’s App Store. It’s been quite a challenge, but now I have my first game released for the Android devices, the iOS devices, and

Problems With Using Apple Products

If you’re like me, you probably just saw the news that Apple is the first tech company to be worth over $1 trillion. And if you are also like me, you probably keep asking yourself why on Earth should Apple deserve to be worth over

Quick Ops Is Now Available to Play On This Site

Framework: Unity 5, WebGL Language: C# Play Online: Play Now Hello everyone. This is Sam here. I am currently working on building Quick Ops, the game that I released for Android phones on Google Play back in 2017, for the iOS devices. It is taking

A New Update (27-May-2016)

Hello everyone. You might be wondering why my posts are far apart and why I haven’t been posting updates as well. Well, I have a full time job, another Unity project I have been working on, which I will talk about on this site once

What I Learned from Building a Pacman Clone

Hey everyone. I apologize for taking so long to write a new post on this site. I was busy applying for graduate colleges, working on a new Unity project, dealing with issues at work, playing video games that I have missed out on for months,

My Unity Pacman Clone is Complete

Framework: Unity 4.6 Language: C# Source Code: PacmanCloneSourceCode Desktop Application: PacmanEXEFile Online Demo: Play Now Hey everyone. This is Sam here. I finally completed building my Unity Pacman Clone. It took me a few months in my free time to draw all the sprites, program