Quick Ops is Finally on the iOS App Store

Hello everyone. This is Sam here.

Well, I would like to officially announce that I have finally released Quick Ops onto Apple’s App Store. It’s been quite a challenge, but now I have my first game released for the Android devices, the iOS devices, and can be played on this website via desktop. I am so happy for this latest development.

This is the main game interface.

As you may know, Quick Ops is the first game I ever released on the market. It was first released on the Google Play store for Android devices back in 2017. When I first launched it, I had some UI problems that needed fixing because of some complaints, and as of this writing, the Android version is refined to leave no bugs whatsoever. You can check the Google Play page of the app here.

And now, after taking months figuring out how to make the iOS version of the game playable, I finally got it working right and is now released on the App Store. You can check the game on the App Store here.

And if you want to play the game on your desktop or laptop online, click here.

Here is a preview of the game just to show you what the game is like.

I hope you guys enjoy this game, and I hope I will continue to make more games in the future.

Anyways, have fun!