Quick Ops Is Now Available to Play On This Site

Framework: Unity 5, WebGL
Language: C#
Play Online: Play Now

Hello everyone. This is Sam here.

I am currently working on building Quick Ops, the game that I released for Android phones on Google Play back in 2017, for the iOS devices. It is taking a lot of my time seeing how it is difficult to build Unity games for the iOS devices because of Apples insistence on building the games using XCode on the MacOS. I was given a MacOS back in January, and I am still having a hard making Unity games with ads for the iOS devices.

In the meantime, the WebGL version of Quick is uploaded on the Play Online sub-domain of this website, which means you can now play the game online. It may be subject to constant updates, seeing how I am considering working on adding a sharing feature and a leadership board on this very website. You can play the game here.

However, I would like to make a disclaimer, which is that a Google Ads banner will show up on the page if approved by Google, seeing how I would like to monetize this game a bit. You can use Ad-blocking software, but I hope you consider white listing the page to support my work.

You can also check out some of my work on Play Online, though they may work on all browsers because of how old the technologies are (They were built with Unity 4 without WebGL).

I will work on improving the Android version if there are any bugs and glitches, but you can still download the game here on your Android devices.

Anyways, have fun!