My First Official Game is Finally Released to the Market

Hello everyone. This is Sam here.

I know have been again away from my blog for a while (For more than half a year really), but I have been away for two reason:

  1. I have been swamped with school work during the Fall semester
  2. I was tirelessly working on my first official Android game

Well, I would like to officially announce that I have finally released my first official game on the market, and it is called “Quick Ops”.

This game was made with the Unity engine, and was made for Android devices, and hopefully may be made one day for iOS devices.

I am so excited, as I have been working on this game for almost a year. Even though this game is simple, and it is mostly to get a high score and level, it has taken a lot out of me.

I will talk about the creative process of making this game soon enough in my next post. For now, you can the link to the game in Google Play below:

Here are the screenshots of the game:

This is the main title screen of Quick Ops

This is the main game interface.

This is the screen of the game when you level up.

This is the game over screen of the game.

This is the result screen of the game.

And here is the description of the game in the store:

Quick Ops is a fun, mathematical puzzle game that encourages performance of arithmetic operations and fast decision-making.

The objective of Quick Ops is to match the number on the cannon to the number on the box above it. You do so by adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying the number by the ball on the right. You can change the operator by pressing the buttons at the bottom of the screen. You only have a short amount of time to decide what operation you wish to perform, and you complete the operation by sliding your finger across the screen to the left and moving the ball to the left.

The number on the cannon cannot be below zero or above 100, and you cannot divide by zero or leave a remainder after division. Otherwise, your cannon will get hit. If you get hit three times, the game is over.

You can skip a ball you don’t want by using the discard button on the left. However, if you use it, you can only use it again after five turns.

When the numbers on the cannon and the box match, the cannon shoots out a cannon ball to destroy the box. The more boxes you destroy, the higher the score you earn, and the higher your level will go.

Also, Quick Ops has a timer. When the time is up, the game is over. However, every time the cannon fires, the timer increases by ten seconds, and the maximum time it can reach is three minutes.

Other than the main game, there are additional features in Quick Ops, such as:
– A tutorial section.
– Google Play Leaderboard.
– Google Play Achievements.
– A share button with Android’s sharing functionality.

Let’s see how high your level and score will be in Quick Ops.

Have fun.