My Unity Pacman Clone is Complete

Framework: Unity 4.6
Language: C#
Source Code: PacmanCloneSourceCode
Desktop Application: PacmanEXEFile
Online Demo: Play Now


Hey everyone. This is Sam here.

I finally completed building my Unity Pacman Clone. It took me a few months in my free time to draw all the sprites, program all the logic, import all the sounds, and edit them. The game works great, and I ironed out as much bugs as I could to make the game work smoothly.

I made the game available online for anyone to play, as well as provided the source code and EXE file for people to download. I will write another blog post about my work on the Pacman clone soon enough.

There are a few things to keep in mind with this game.

All of the Sprites are my Pixel drawings, including the level itself, but almost all of the sounds and music are imported. Some of the sounds games are from, and some of them I got from YouTube.

This game may not be the final form, since I might consider polishing it or even perfecting it in the future. There are even some features I did not add in the game because they may require extra time for me to work on. For example, although I put all of the fruit points in the game, I did not put all of the Sprites of all of the different fruits. Instead I just used the cherry.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you cannot play this game on Google Chrome, since the browser for whatever reason does not allow Unity web players to be played it. So, try using Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Have Fun!